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3d printing dental implants

A new method to create surgical guides elevates the standards of care.

If there's an industry that needs constant strive for progression and improvement, it's surgery. In this case, dental surgery. With something that is as risky and revolved around keeping the patient safe and healthy as surgery, the next logical step is to make it as safe and fast as possible. Safer and faster are major keywords when it comes to surgery, because no matter how safe and fast it is already, it can always be safer and faster. That's where Stratasys comes in.

Over the next seven pages, you'll learn all about how Stratasys is teaming up with dentists around the world to utilize bio-compatible (MED610) material and 3D printing technology to create dental surgical guides to the exact specifications needed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. This technology provides orthodontic surgeons the freedom to create surgical guides for each individual patient in a matter of hours, speeding up the surgical process, and making the surgery safer for thepatient.

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