T20F Tip Antero duct hero image.

Get stronger parts with improved Antero material performance.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson Juli 20, 2021
Juli 20, 2021

Antero PEKK-based material is already one of the strongest thermoplastics in the FDM material portfolio. But thanks to a new extrusion tip for the Fortus 450mc and F900 printers, that performance is getting even better.


The new T20F tip, which replaces the T20D tip, increases ZX tensile strength up to 14% and flexural strength by up to 34%. These values are dependent on the specific Antero material and printer combination.


The enhanced mechanical performance is the result of improved heat control at the tip’s orifice. This is due to a change in the T20F tip’s thermal mass distribution, achieved with a smaller plate behind the Teflon shield compared to the older T20D tip. The result is improved bonding between material layers and increased strength in the Z orientation.


No additional hardware beyond the new tip is needed to capitalize on these benefits. However, Insight software version 15.7 or GrabCAD Print version 1.56, release 6.5.6806 (Fortus 450mc) or release 4.12, build 4202 (F900), is necessary.


In addition to better mechanical performance, both Antero 800NA and Antero 840CN03 have been upgraded to Certified Grade. Each shipment of Antero will now come with a certificate of analysis identifying origination lot numbers and test results for the raw material and filament production. This ultimately gives you full traceability from your Antero part back to its raw material lot.


To get the new T20F tip or to purchase Antero filament, see your Stratasys reseller or visit the Stratasys Hub.