J5 DentaJet

The J5 DentaJet creates a bright future for dental part production.

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Jessica Coughlin März 09, 2021
März 09, 2021

The J5 DentaJet is a compact yet impactful solution for dental part production.

The Stratasys J5 DentaJet™ may be small, but it’s a powerful tool for dental labs. Compact enough to fit in small and medium-sized labs but designed with a large-capacity rotating print tray to create more parts within a small footprint to maximize efficiency.

J5 DentaJet
J5 DentaJet

Three printers in one.

The DentaJet is like having three printers in one; print an implant case with a rigid opaque model together with a soft gingiva mask and a biocompatible transparent surgical guide. Or print an RPD framework in a castable material together with the patient model.

Unmatched quality, accuracy, and realism.

The DentaJet is designed with a large-capacity 360-degree print tray to create more highly accurate, full-color parts from different materials — in a single print — without sacrificing patient-specific accuracy. Additionally, the full-color capability and realism helps labs to differentiate themselves with over 500,000 colors and three biocompatible materials to choose from.

Streamlined digital workflow.

The DentaJet GrabCAD Print™ software is easy-to-use, significantly reduces print time with automatic tray arrangement. This software also automatically corrects files and calculates the time and material resources needed for production before printing. Plus, you can schedule and monitor the print job remotely from your mobile device or browser and get alerts when the job is printing and finished.

Reduced manual labor.

Unattended operation, fewer changeovers, less touch-time to load and minimal post-processing reduces manual labor while maximizing output. In a single mixed-tray print, labs can create more dental parts with significantly less handling — 24 hours a day you can load one tray and walk away.

A dental solution to suit every need.

Regardless of your lab’s area of focus, the J5 DentaJet offers a solution that can cut days off delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable and effective dental parts.



  •  Simplify the production of acrylic orthodontic devices, such as Hawley Retainers, with Separator Digital Material which coats models, makes the separation of the device from the model easy and without, wax and acrylic residues easy, results in better surface quality and will save up to three minutes per model in manual labor


  •  Print opaque and rigid implant models, biocompatible and transparent surgical guides and soft gingiva masks — all on one tray — in a single unattended print job
  • Print as many as 41 implant cases* per day with only two trays


  •  Replace traditional hand wax-ups and automate the process of cast chrome partials — significantly reducing manual labor
  • Boost productivity by printing models and RPD frameworks on a single, mixed tray — print up to 26 cases** per day with only two trays

Crown and Bridge

  • Produce a large volume of precise models in high-resolution materials increasing your lab capacity
  • Eliminate delays and inaccuracies of manual labor, enabling faster production and higher-quality crown and bridge models with fewer remakes

*One case equals a full arch model, opposite side, surgical guide and gingiva mask.

**One case equals RPD framework and model.

To learn more about the Stratasys J5 DentaJet 3D printer and its benefits, visit the J5 DentaJet product page. For any questions about the J5 DentaJet or to receive a quote, contact us at