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Cost Savings

Volvo Construction Equipment cut tooling costs by using PolyJet to print functional prototypes.

We make it better.

1,200 times better.

From hardware and materials to software and services – we’ve led, reinvented and revolutionized 3D Printing. Pioneering 1,200 new patents all designed to help you turn a great idea into a great success.

If you want to make it better. Make it with Stratasys.

"90% of Fortune 500 manufacturing CEOs believe adopting Industry 4.0 technologies is imperative."

Dan Burseth, Vice President, Eckhart

Bell Helicopter


Get ideas off the ground faster with 3D printed manufacturing tools and validated materials.

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a 3D printed Audi brake light


Functional prototypes. Street-ready parts. More effective tools. 3D print them all.

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A young girl, holding a 3D printed medical model of her own heart that was used for Surgical planning


3D print patient-specific anatomical models – better processes for you, better outcomes for patients.

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Stratasys in the news.

Still from 3D Printing takes on Manufacturing CNN Story

Watch as Stratasys' Andy Middleton discusses the future of 3D Printing and manufacturing on CNN.

Stratasys was recently featured on the "Quest Means Business" program - exploring the power 3D printing to transform business.

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Print designs directly from CAD. No time wasted converting files – just a seamless design-to-prototype process.

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