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We’re the world’s leading 3D printing company. For over 30 years we’ve led from the front - empowering global businesses to reimagine the way they design and manufacture their products.

We don’t just work to the highest standards - we set them. Innovating, collaborating, inventing and reinventing. Constantly looking for new ways to solve unique customer challenges. It’s what drives us. And it’s how we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner for the world’s biggest brands.

From industry-leading hardware and the widest range of materials on the market, to intuitive software and world-class customer service – our end-to-end support is designed to ensure you get what’s right your business.

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To build a plan. To fully realize your investment. To refresh your strategy, our Blueprint consulting service offers 15 years of independently-minded 3D printing expertise.

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Our industry-leading hardware can revolutionize the way you design and make things. For prototypes, manufactured products, medical models, jigs, fixtures and customer-ready parts.

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Get everything additive manufacturing has to offer without the investment. Our service bureaus offer a full range of additive manufacturing technologies.

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Stratasys 3D printing is trusted to help some of the world’s top companies stay ahead of the competition. From global leaders in aerospace and automotive to pioneering medical startups and giants of the tech world – our technologies let them work faster, more creatively and with reduced costs across their operations. On top of our industry-leading equipment, materials and software, we also provide decades of knowledge and end-to-end support.

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Watch as Stratasys' Andy Middleton discusses the future of 3D Printing and manufacturing on CNN.

Stratasys was recently featured on the "Quest Means Business" program - exploring the power 3D printing to transform business.

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Get the most out of your 3D printing investment with Stratasys GrabCAD Print software. Easy to use, smooth workflow, remote monitoring and easily-optimized for a seamless design-to-print process.

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