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Cured Cosmetics with 3D Printed Photopolymers

Create highly detailed, finished-product realism right off the machine with photopolymers. Activated by ultraviolet light, photopolymer materials are ideal for prototypes and models that closely resemble finished products.

At Stratasys Direct, we offer a wide range of photopolymers from three 3D printing technologies-

  • PolyJet (PJ) which has properties that range from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to full color.
  • Stereolithography (SLA) creates soft and hard plastics, in both transparent and opaque formulations.
  • Programmable Photopolymerization (Origin® P3™)creates very fine textures with high impact resistant or high stiffness materials as well as rubber-like materials exibiting high elongation and extreme tear strength.

Urethane Casting with Advanced Formula Polymers

Our cast urethane materials provide unique combinations of physical properties for production cast parts.

We call these rigid urethane materials Advanced Formula Polymers (AFP’s) due to their specialized formulizations for a range of applications.

AFP’s are utilized for clinical trials, product testing, alpha/beta builds, prototype and end-use parts. These materials can service multiple applications like UL94V-0 flame rating, MRI transparency and high heat deflection.

Resin Materials for CNC Machining

Resin Manufacturing Technologies



Create parts in unparalleled resolution and detail with PolyJet. Incorporate multiple photopolymer materials, from flexible to rigid, and full color directly into your part.

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Stereolithography builds with photopolymers to create highly-accurate parts ideal for prototypes, master patterns, large concept models and investment casting patterns.

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Urethane Casting.jpg

Urethane Casting

Produce low to mid volumes of quality, precise and consistent cast parts quickly with our proprietary urethane casting methods. Our approach to master pattern production is guaranteed to delivery consistent parts.

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3d printed lattice structure using P3 technology

Programmable Photopolymerization (Origin® P3™)

Programmable Photopolymerization produces functional end-use parts, achieving injection mold part quality using many high-performance materials for rigidity, impact resistance, or flexible rubber-like properties.

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Resin 3D Printing Applications

Concept Modeling.jpg

Concept Modeling

Print with multiple materials and multiple colors with PolyJet’s photopolymers for true-to-product aesthetics.

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Rapid Prototyping.jpg

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly bring ideas to life with PolyJet and Stereolithography without sacrificing detail and finish afforded by photopolymers.

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Investment Casting Patterns.jpg

Investment Casting Patterns

Build consistent patterns with great burnout from our specially formulated SL photopolymer.

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