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3D printing is transforming how jigs and fixtures are manufactured. From lightweight alignment tools to holding devices that speed assembly and improve ergonomics. We’ve made it easier for you to design jigs and fixtures for optimal performance.

Lightweight. Ergonomic.


Advanced FDM for GrabCAD Print software streamlines workflow, giving you the ability to locally customize print parameters. This allows you to maintain part performance while reducing material usage.

Office equipment manufacturer Ricoh reduced tool weight 95% from 20kg to 1kg.

"Jigs tooled from metal are both heavy and difficult to iterate."

Masami Hirama,
Director of the Production
Innovation Center, Ricoh

Tools built for you.


3D printed tools enable custom designs to best fit the requirements of the user and the operation. Personalized tools are easier to use, boost productivity, and create a better working environment. All while reducing process time by up to 65%.

Stratasys Engineers utilizing a 3D Printed Jigs and Fixture

Safer workers.
Better results.


Reduce workplace injuries with customizable guards and lightweight holding devices. Lighter tools and jigs are easier to move – cutting the risk of repetitive strain injury for operators and making your process more efficient. And safer working conditions have been proven to positively impact worker productivity – giving you even more return on your investment.

"We want to make accommodations to enable people to work safely and continuously."

George Allman,
Engineering Supervisor,

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