Women head, Enventys tool
“The Origin One 3D printer allowed us to make several initial options for our client to choose from and then make tiny tweaks, almost in real time, without delaying the project or incurring huge expenses. By prototyping on the same machine that will make the final parts, we had extreme confidence in every piece we were making.”
TJ Root, Senior Design Engineer, Enventys Partners

From prototyping to production with the Stratasys Origin One.

Iterative product development, from design to production.


FloSonix approached Enventys Partners with experience, requirements and key industry knowledge but were looking for Enventys Partners to collaborate to partner with them for the end-toend solution, from design to manufacturing. Given the extensive list of requirements, from aesthetic finishes, durability and biocompatibility; airflow design requirements and production flexibility, the tooling costs alone posed a huge financial challenge. Without the right 3D printer able to manage these demands, simply designing the product itself would have been cost-prohibitive.


“The Origin One has allowed us to not only adapt to changing supply chains, but plan our development in stages; for example, we often like to refine the product in the future, but not immediately,” explains TJ Root, Senior Design Engineer at Enventys Partners. “Additive manufacturing allows us to iterate incrementally without having to recut molds, retool, or have to dispose of excessive old stock; this saved us both time and capital that would normally be at stake during redesigns.”


Complicating design and manufacturing further were the multiple pieces required for success, which would normally require several suppliers, and thus, multiple potential failure points.