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Somos® WaterShed® Black

Somos® WaterShed Black is a high-performance stereolithography resin that delivers rich, true black parts without the need for painting or post-processing. With properties similar to Somos® WaterShed XC 11122, this advanced, durable material is designed to withstand tough conditions while delivering high resolution and a superior surface finish to 3D-printed parts. Its UV and chemical resistance make it perfect for outdoor applications, while offering low shrinkage, ensuring parts meet demanding tolerances. With durability, precision, and stunning black finishes, Watershed Black is a top choice for 3D-printed parts with superior aesthetics and performance.

Key Features

  • Exceptional durability - Engineered for long-lasting performance
  • Best in class weathering - Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Outstanding precision, ensuring parts meet demanding tolerances and specifications
  • Dimensionally stable, with low shrinkage
  • UV resistant, with no discoloration when exposed to UV rays
  • Truer and richer black parts – straight off the machine
  • Fast and consistent processing
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance


  • Durable, stiff, tough parts
  • Automotive components
  • Electronic housings
  • Packaging
  • Functional prototypes and end-use parts


Somos® WaterShed® Black Material Data Sheet

Somos® WaterShed Black Material Data Sheet

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