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Role Of 3d Printing

3D printing has always been a great opportunity for businesses that produce low-volume, intricate products. Low-volume production can get extremely spendy because of the high-cost of tooling and materials for businesses, making the application of 3D printing economical. High-volume production has had the opposite problem. Because of the previously slow process of tooling, the human attention needed and the lack of materials, it wasn't economically advantageous for businesses to utilize 3D printing in their mainstream production. Times have changed.

The evolution of cost structures in 3D printing has opened the doors for mainstream production to utilize 3D printing to their advantage. Not only has the process sped up, but options of materials have gone way up and the cost of 3D printing has gone way down, shortening the payback period of the investment in 3D printers and materials.

In the next seventeen pages, you'll learn all about the revolution of 3D printing and how you can improve your manufacturing process with 3D printing in Factory 4.0. Download the whitepaper to learn more.