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Rapid Manufacturing Fdm

3D printing is an incredible technology, we are all well-aware of that. It seems to be the technology of the future, something major companies use to keep the curve of progression moving. But, do you ever wonder how 3D printing is actually being used by major businesses? Do you wonder if 3D printing is as effective and worthwhile as everyone seems to think it is? This whitepaper will answer those questions. This whitepaper is a deep dive into how rapid manufacturing using 3D printing is being utilized by major companies and the facts on its cost-effectiveness for business.

Over the next six pages, we will discuss some of the major companies that utilize Fortus FDM technology for rapid manufacturing, such as BMW. We will also discuss the effect Fortus FDM technology has on business practices. Lastly, and most importantly, we will discuss the cost of implementing rapid manufacturing into business practices, as opposed to traditional manufacturing methods, as well as where we think this technology will be progressing to in the future. Download the whitepaper to learn more.