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Characterization of material properties for Fortus PC.

Important considerations of additive manufacturing.

The incredible ability to 3D print end-use parts would not be possible without the fully-fledged dedication to create new materials that will fulfill the requirements needed to create functioning end-use parts. These parts will have a variety of different uses and conditions over their life, so it is incredibly important that these materials be tested and categorized appropriately before their use for production. A material that is no exception to this extensive testing is the Stratasys material, Fortus PC (Polycarbonate).

Over the next fifteen pages, we will be discussing the material properties of Fortus PC (Polycarbonate), as well as the extensive testing Loughborough University, located in the UK, did to categorize the effects of time, temperature, and environment. This testing covered; tensile strength, Young's modulus, flexural strength, flexural modulus, and elongation at break. We will be discussing effects of time, age, temperature, and environmental conditions, and the results that were found from the extensive testing. Learn all about Fortus PC (Polycarbonate) by downloading the whitepaper today.

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