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3D printing and its ever-evolving technology has made its way into the lives of people from all walks of life, the growth and evolution that the technology has gone through over the past decade has given people access to the incredible technology that wouldn't have previously been afforded the luxury. 3D printing has evolved from being this hard to reach, intimidating technology to being easily-accessible and easy-to-use, this is most prevalent on college campuses.

Because 3D printing is becoming more accessible, colleges, high schools, even public libraries are providing access to this incredible technology to a much more general population. Over the next ten pages, we'll discuss 3D printing in education and how it applies to: fine arts, health care, natural and physical sciences, design, and engineering.

Students develop skills that they can carry with them and apply in the real-world, giving them valuable experience that can help them land a job post-graduation. Our future depends on the quality education and experience that we provide to our youth, download this whitepaper to learn about what your school can do to help.