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dassault falcon jet

Additive manufacturing has been used to a large extent since its creation to produce cost-effective composite mold tooling for the aerospace industry in a fraction of the time of traditional tooling. Additive manufacturing has consistently proven its value in this aspect, but we think it can do more. Stratasys has been working with Dassault Falcon Jet to broaden the applications for additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, by implementing additive manufacturing to demonstrate the viability of the technology for production-grade tooling.

Over the next thirteen pages, we will be discussing the demonstration of FDM additive manufacturing for production composite tooling at Dassault Falcon Jet. We will cover the requirements of the technology, the overview of FDM composite tooling, the Falcon Jet tooling overview, and the results we found from these tested applications. There is a whole world of untapped potential for additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, learn all about it by downloading the whitepaper.