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Unlocking Lifelike Anatomical Models with 3D Printing Technology

Discover how 3D printing is revolutionizing anatomical models: 3 whitepapers detail the tech, materials & printers for precise vascular and tissue models.

3d printer material Testing White Paper
Using PolyJet technology to accurately mimic human bio-structures

Alongside the shift in healthcare toward personalized medicine, 3D print technology has emerged as an invaluable tool for academic medical centers, hospitals, and medical device manufacturers to create patient-specific anatomical models.

3D Printing Suturable Vascular Models White Paper
3D Printing Suturable Vascular Models

To create the most realistic, patient-specific simulation for surgical training, vascular models must mimic how native tissue responds to pressure, punctures, and stitches

Biomechanical bone data hero image. White Paper
Creating biomechanically accurate bone models.

Researchers at the Computational Mechanics and Experimental Biomechanics Lab tested the accuracy and realism of J750 Digital Anatomy printed bone models.

imag2 White Paper
3D printed tissue can mimic the properties of porcine liver, epicardium and aorta tissue.

3D anatomical models don’t require regulatory ethical requirements (or a facility to handle the biohazards and sterilization) and offers longevity and reduced cost compared to ex-vivo and in-vivo cadaveric animal testing.

Surgeons working on brain tumor patient. White Paper
Current and future perspectives in neurosurgical applications.

Learn how 3D printed models are used for presurgical planning in neurosurgery.

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Improving the Lives of Congenital Heart Disease Patients with 3D Printing.

In this Best Practice White Paper learn how cardiothoracic surgical teams are using 3D printed models to perform surgeries more effectively and safely at less cost.

Choosing the right 3D printing technology for you. White Paper
Choosing the right 3D printing technology for you.

You probably know that FDM and PolyJet are two of the cleanest and most office-friendly technologies available. But which is right for your application?

Generic Image White Paper
How to: add chemical resistance to your PolyJet prototype.

The environment that 3D printed prototypes operate within can affect their durability and longevity; our whitepaper addresses how to combat these issues.

antimicrobial coating White Paper
What you need to know about water-based antimicrobial coating for 3D printed medical devices.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how a water-based, antimicrobial coating can eliminate bacteria on 3D printed devices without the need for autoclaving.

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