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How to: add chemical resistance to your PolyJet prototype.

Preserving longevity and functionality.

Durable is one of the most important adjectives when it comes to quality products. For Stratasys, the next logical step in improving PolyJet material was to create a more durable chemical resistant material. Making materials more chemical resistant means they will last longer, saving money and time for manufacturers. At Stratasys we wanted you to be able to create prototypes for whatever use you see fit, meaning you don't have to worry about parts deteriorating or breaking quickly. Stronger, chemical resistant materials are the answer.

Over the next five pages, we'll be discussing how we went about creating chemical resistant materials, applications for these specific materials, and how we went about testing these materials to make sure we were creating the best material for your application. We'll also discuss how you can apply this incredible to your manufacturing processes. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper