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3D printing applications for healthcare are rapidly expanding. The use of visual, functional, and diagnostic models is reshaping how surgeons plan for complex procedures, speeding up the medical device process for manufacturers, and expanded training and simulation methods.  

Stratasys recently announced the release of the RadioMatrix, a new material that allows users to easily customize models to look like real tissues under x-ray and CT imaging modalities. This new capability enables medical applications and procedures to be performed like never before. 

Join us for this 45-minute webinar and Q&A session as we introduce RadioMatrix.


Ido Bitan
Ido Bitan
Director of Product Management at Stratasys's Medical Solutions Department

Mr.Ido Bitan, a Director of Product Management at Stratasys's Medical Solutions Department, holds a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from Beer Sheva University. With a background in R&D at a start-up, he contributed to the development of advanced cancer-detecting equipment for surgeons. Leading the way in Stratasys's medical innovation, Mr. Bitan played a pivotal role in creating the Digital Anatomy Printer, Digital Anatomy Creator, and other groundbreaking solutions. Committed to enhancing healthcare globally, he is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and pushing technological boundaries.