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The Creation of Evolve AI Shoes: Evolutionary Footwear that Studies its User and Improves Over Time 

‘Evolve’ AI shoes a new biometric evolutionary footwear. Design and 3D engineering by Assa Ashuach at Assa Studio Limited in London. Project in collaboration with Stratasys.

Year of design: 2021


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‘Evolve’ Ai shoes a new biometric evolutionary footwear: A shoe that studies its user and improves over time. We propose a new evolutionary design approach, whereby user sensors biometric data is collected over time, to achieve a gradual improvement of the shoe. Users simply live their lives, while the object virtually evolves and improves over time.  

Design based on user foot scanning and pressure sensors biometrics data:  

This project proposes to use the existing 3D scanning and biometric sensor readings technologies to hybrid manufacture footwear tailored to the user’s way of walking, ergonomics, and foot weight distribution. We embed biometric sensors in first generation shoes in order to collect individual users’ data to improve their next generation shoes. It is about adding the element of TIME to the design process, using computational power IOT, M2M and machine learning. We have 3D printed the pressure sensor electronics with a novel combination of chemistry by our partners Profactor in Austria and Stratasys in Israel. To achieve the best fit of the upper parts, we have developed a strategy that combines personal ergonomic data from 3D scanning together with traditional footwear last making.  

Innovations in personal fit:  

In collaboration with Stratasys PolyJet technology R&D team, we have been using a new CMF approach to multi-material, colour, and density, using an array of liquid gels and rubber tissues varieties. Based upon the embedded footwear pressure, heat and humidity sensor matrix within the midsole and upper parts, we can now autonomously generate the optimal combination of soft gel particles, tissue matrix and bespoke support structures around the user's foot, to achieve the best fit, cushioning, heel support and upper ventilation possible.  

With many thanks to:  

The EU S+T+ARTS award and ReFream research funding award  

Our production partners Stratasys PolyJet technology, multi-material, colour, and density, using an array of liquid gels and rubber tissues varieties.  

3D printed electronics by Profactor.  

Hybrid manufacturing by Haratech.  

Still photography by Alexander Kent.  

Film and cinematography Roy Eventov.  

Industrial design, 3D modelling, Rendering and Data engineering by Assa Ashuach at Assa Studio Limited in London