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polyJet technology outperforms other desktop resin 3d printers

Recent tests between PolyJet 3D printing - a world-class 3D printing technology - and other desktop resin 3D printers have been conducted. The results of these tests clearly show that PolyJet outperforms in part accuracy and quality, ease of use, time to part and more. Make your multi-part assembly fit right away with ± 100µ accuracy on length under 100 mm as opposed to ± 1000µ accuracy with visible warping and unsightly support touchpoints that require significant sanding and forced fit when printing with other desktop resin 3D printers.   

To help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this comparison, we have compiled an eBook that dives deep into the analysis of data from the testing. This eBook looks at how the J35 Pro compares against other desktop resin 3D printers in workflow, applicative abilities, and total cost of ownership by presenting example parts printed with both technologies. For example, translucency with the J35 Pro is similar to PMMA with users achieving 90% light transmission with VeroUltra™ClearS material after photobleaching and reaches a very low yellow index of 2.6. The clarity of printed parts decreases with other desktop resin 3D printers after going through the wash and cure process, reducing light transmission to 76% or below and cannot be improved by photobleaching. There is also a 10 times higher yellow index than J35 Pro with parts printed on other desktop resin 3D printers.  

In short, this eBook provides real data that can help you make an informed decision on which 3D printer may better suit your needs. Complete the form to learn more.