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Why High-Performance Companies Choose Neo® Stereolithography 3D Printers

May 15, 2023

Many well-known global brands are choosing the Neo as their stereolithography 3D printer of choice.  Here are nine companies and service bureaus serving the automotive, NASCAR/F1 and consumer products space seeing faster lead times, lower costs, and superior quality parts.

The numbers say it all. 

The Neo800 saved… 

- 55% in material and labor costs, and 86% in lead time for Paragon Rapid Technologies.

- 88% in material and labor costs, and 96% in lead time for Midwest Prototyping.

Take Whirlpool, for example. They needed to produce marketing prototypes quickly and cheaply, without the need for tooling. With parts produced on the Neo450s using Somos® resin,  Whirlpool were able to produce impact-resistant, thin-walled parts with an outstanding surface finish - saving many hours of post-processing time.

In this PDF we’ve summarised the experiences of nine customers who love the Neo series of stereolithography 3D printers.  Learn more and find out how the Neo has helped with their application.

Download the Neo Customer Case Study Overview