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Stereolithography (SL) is a popular 3D printing technology for prototyping, tooling and investment casting.  SL is now also being used for functional, end-use production applications in certain environments.

Industries are demanding printed parts with the accuracy and quality of stereolithography parts with end-use functionality.  New functional materials are becoming available, creating opportunities to 3D print short-run, end-use production components.

In this on demand webinar, learn how the combination of high quality Somos® resins and Stratasys’ Neo 3D printer technology brings SL 3D printing to a whole new level, with accurate part quality and reliable and stable production.

Find out about:

 - The range of Somos® materials formulated for functional part production.

- Accelerated weathering data for stereolithography thermoset materials

- The key advantages of using Stratasys’ Neo stereolithography 3D printers and why the Neo is renowned for printing parts with industry leading accuracy and detail.

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