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FDM technology moves to an open material ecosystem.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson November 11, 2021
November 11, 2021

At the recent Formnext 2021 expo, Stratasys boldly announced plans to continue the move to a three-tiered open material ecosystem. At its core, this means giving customers broader material options and access to printer settings to optimize part performance.


Stratasys is already providing validated open material availability on NEO stereolithography 3D printers, and the newly released Origin One and H350 3D printers. By including FDM technology in this open material ecosystem, Stratasys expands additive’s application depth within manufacturing through broader material capabilities.


This three-tiered material ecosystem is achieved in two ways: through a broader selection of materials and accessibility to select printer parameters. We’re already working with industry partners to introduce new materials designed to address specific needs within various manufacturing sectors. This collaboration will accelerate their commercialization and market availability. Access to print parameters, enabled through GrabCAD Print software, allows users to enhance part performance with existing materials or develop new materials, broadening how and where they can be used.


This new FDM open material ecosystem will provide several key benefits:


  • Speed the pace of material innovation
  • Increase the number of available materials
  • Optimize materials for enhanced part performance
  • Broaden the application space
  • Enhance supply chain flexibility
  • Lower the overall material cost structure


As the leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, Stratasys recognizes that this is necessary to drive deeper integration of the technology within manufacturing and unlock new capabilities. The time is right as manufacturers accelerate the transition from prototyping to full adoption of 3D printing as an essential part of the manufacturing process. Giving customers more material options and an open system expands their application space and extends additive’s reach across the manufacturing value chain.


To learn more about our FDM open material ecosystem, download the FAQs, or contact your Stratasys representative. To receive notifications when new materials are released, sign up at this link.

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