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A certified formula for printing high-temperature FST-grade parts: Origin® One + Loctite® 3D 3955 FST

September 14, 2023

Manufacturers seeking to produce FST-grade parts fast and cost-effectively in low volume (high mix), now have a viable alternative that meets the highest standards. Read why 3D printing of Stratasys Origin One DLP 3D printer combined with Henkel Loctite® 3D 3955 FST is such a game-changer.

3D printing can produce parts without the need for time-consuming and expensive tooling – whether you are looking for functional prototyping that mimics end-use part performance or low volume (high mix) production of final parts. And with the introduction of high-quality and fast resin technologies such as DLP, the new manufacturing method becomes economically viable for many more applications. 

Limiting factor for adoption was, until recently, low availability of high-performance materials – think FST-grade materials for UL-certified parts. Though all that is a story of the past.  

The combination of Stratasys Origin® One P3™ DLP printer and Loctite 3D 3955 FST material can repeatedly produce FST-grade parts with high-temperature resistance, critical accuracy, surface finish - and UL Blue Card certification and aerospace FST standards. So beyond the more limited Flame Retardant (FR) rating.  

An evolution of DLP 3D printing technology, our P3™ technology delivers superior accuracy, consistency, detail and mechanical properties.  

With the Origin® One, you benefit from high throughput and best-in-class repeatability to increase your production, go to market faster, and easily respond to shifts in demand.  

The only 3D printer that prints at 60°C

We know there are other DLP or resin printers on the market. But we also know what sets the Origin® One apart - and it’s not the softer things like reliability, sleek design, and intuitive software. Those are great, and we build them into all our printers, but that’s not the reason engineers choose Origin One.  

It’s because it’s the only 3D printer that will print at 60°C, which means you can reliably use high-performance resins like Loctite® 3D 3955 FST.  

This single critical feature is the difference between a certified part and one that isn’t.  

It’s the difference between a part you can only use as an aesthetic prototype, and one that can be used in your final product.  

It’s the difference between knowing your concept will meet all the performance tests thrown at it, and merely hoping it will. 

A certified combination to guarantee safety and performance 

Manufacturers aiming for UL Certification of their 3D printed components or end products need to consider not just the material - but the 3D printer the material was certified on.  

Using a non-certified printer with a certified material will result in the part not being eligible for UL certification. This is because the printer's performance, settings, and capabilities can influence the final characteristics of the printed part, including its safety and compliance with UL standards. 

Loctite® 3955 FST is Blue Card® certified by UL for use on the Origin One printer. When printed on the Origin® One, Loctite® 3D 3955 FST material passes flammability 2×10 second Vertical Burn and FST standards (AirBus AITM2-0002, AITM2-0007, AITM3-0005). You won’t need further material testing, which makes getting your component or end-product UL listed much quicker, simpler and cheaper.  

Blue card

UL 94 V-0 Certified

Loctite® 3D 3955 FST is an innovative, halogen-free, flame-retardant material from Henkel that meets the stringent safety requirements for aerospace, automotive, industrial, and consumer industries. 

The UL 94 V-0 certified photopolymer is chemically resistant, and its extreme high Heat Deflective Temperature (HDT) delivers negligible deformation in harsh environments. The material demonstrates high modulus with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties.  

Why use Loctite® 3D 3955 FST? 

  • 3955 FST is halogen-free and FST certified 

  • 3955 FST has good chemical resistance 

  • 3955 FST is low-outgassing certified 

  • 3955 FST must be pre-heated to 80°C, and printed at 60°C. 

  • 3995 FST is UL94 V-0 rated for flammability and can deflect temperatures of up to 300°C 

  • 3955 FST is formulated to print optimally on DLP printers that have a heated chamber - it is not recommended for LCD printers.  

Loctite 3D 3955 FST

Why print on the Origin One P3™ DLP printer? 

  • Origin One has a fully heated build chamber and heated glass interface, and heats to 60°C. This is required to heat the material to the required temperature, avoiding performance and quality issues.  

  • Origin One’s special pneumatic separation technology allows for the cured layer to be easily released, avoiding deformation during printing and reducing the need for supports. 

  • Origin One ensures repeatable, highly accurate prints with its high-end projector and precision linear drive. 

Origin One Printing Clamp

A point to remember about FST components

It's important to note that the suitability of a specific resin material and 3D printer combination for FST components can vary based on application-specific requirements, industry standards, and certifications. Conducting thorough research, consulting with material and printer manufacturers, and conducting proper testing and validation are crucial steps to ensure the chosen combination meets the necessary fire safety and regulatory requirements. 

An award-winning duo: Loctite 3D 3955 FST + Origin One

Stress Engineering Services and nTopology were awarded first place in a U.S. Air Force innovation competition for their optimized hydraulic line clamp used in F-16 aircrafts printed on Stratasys Origin One with Loctite® 3D 3955 FST. 

In just two weeks of daily design iterations, prototyping, and testing replacement designs, the team landed on a new, 3D printed part that meets stringent airworthiness requirements, weighs less and is more efficient to manufacture. 

The Origin One platform reduces the high cost of tooling for low-volume or custom production and provides the flexibility to change part designs quickly and cost-effectively. Quality can be kept high, and costs can be brought down

In this case, the Origin One was capable of producing 54 clamp halves in 24 minutes. 1,296 clamp halves were printed using one printer in a single day, and post-processing a printed batch completed in roughly 20 minutes. 


Want to learn more about 3D printing FST-grade parts with Origin® One and Loctite® 3D 3955 FST?

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