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PolyJet Solutions for smarter decisions.

Stratasys PolyJet Solutions are a game changer for professionals in the design and manufacturing space providing cutting-edge technology that makes 3D printing faster, easier on resources and less costly than ever before.



ProBleacher™ for the optimal photobleaching of your clear PolyJet models and prototypes with no residue at all

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ProAero™ extractor for clean air and low noise pollution in the office while operating your J35™ Pro and J55™ Prime 3D printers

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ProAeroPlus2x  1


ProAero™+ extractor for ultra-clean air while operating your industrial-grade J7, J8 Series and Connex printers

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ProSurface Circle


ProSurface™ desktop sand-blaster system for in-house post-processing to maximize the appearance of your PolyJet flexible and rigid 3D printed parts.

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