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Pro bleacher



Get the most out of your PolyJet™ transparent materials with the new ProBleacher.

Those who seek true transparency and no color residue from their 3D printed parts, understand the importance of photobleaching. Proper PolyJet™ photobleaching requires the right equipment and specific functions, such as wavelength and intensity light source, time and temperature control. Anything less will not deliver the maximum transparency you need. The Stratasys professional ProBleacher is the optimal photobleaching system for your PolyJet models and prototypes. Developed specially to make the photobleaching process easier, faster and more precise, this solution is compatible with VeroClear™, VeroUltra™Clear and VeroUltra™ClearS PolyJet materials.

Typical applications

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Transparent bottles, glass, clear packaging, perfume, toys, optical transparent modeling, end use parts.

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Clear screens, transparent parts, table lamps, tooling, production parts, camera lens, jigs and fixtures.

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Lighting, clear components, mirrors, head lights, indicators, dashboard components, media screens.

Compatible materials



VeroUltraClear simulates transparent materials, achieving 95% light transmission and is useful for prototyping glass and clear polymers components and models.

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VeroUltraClearS performs in a similar way to VeroUltraClear on the J5/3 series for all transparent prototyping simulating glass, PMMA, acrylic and other clear polymers.

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VeroClear is a transparent material that simulates acrylic and is used as a replication for glass, ideal for concept modeling and design verification of clear parts.

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A how-to video on the ProBleacher operation.

How to use ProBleacher

Performance properties

ProBleacher one-touch preset capability makes the process super simple; put your part in the chamber and press run. That’s it. Couldn’t be any easier!