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Addigy PPU 90AX6.

Addigy® PPU 90AX6

Selective Laser Sintering - SLS 3D Printing Material
Addigy PPU 90AX6 is a thermoplastic polyurethane powder designed for powder bed fusion 3D printing technologies such as selective laser sintering (SLS).

Extra-high powder flowability, useful for e.g. roller or blade coating systems.

Versatile SLS Material, Flexible, Tough, and Abrasion Resistance

Addigy PPU 90AX6 is a versatile material with excellent powder flowability, making it ideal for roller or blade coating systems. Its flexible nature, high toughness, impact strength, and abrasion resistance make it a popular choice. The material is also resistant to salt water stress cracking and hydrolysis, making it well-suited for marine environments.

Extra-high powder flowability, useful for tank feeder systems.

As an ether type powder material, Addigy PPU 90AX6 has proven to be reliable in various industries.



Performance Properties


Melt Range

Test Method: ISO 6721-1
Unit: °C
110 - 180

shore hardness

Shore Hardness A

Test Method: DIN ISO 48-4
Value: approx. 90

Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength XY-Direction

Test Method: DIN 53504 (200 mm/min)
Unit: MPa
Value: 16


Tear Strength XY-Direction

Test Method: DIN ISO 34-1
Unit: kN/m
Value: 95

Material Product Tear Resistance Z-Direction Icon.

Tear Resistance Z-Direction

Test Method: DIN ISO 34-1
Unit: kN/m
Value: 58

Material Product Rebound Elasticity Icon

Rebounding Elasticity

Test Method: DIN 53512
Unit: %
Value: 54

Material Product Density Icon

Density (Powder bed)

Unit: g/cm^3
Value: approx. 0.41

Material Properties Icon - Bulk Density for Dark Backgrounds.

Bulk Density (Powder)

Unit: g/cm^3
Value: approx. 0.33

Material Specifications

Addigy® PPU 90AX6

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Particle size X10
Laser Diffraction
µm 30-40
Particle size X50 Laser Diffraction µm 70-80
Particle size X90 Laser Diffraction µm 110-140
Water content DIN EN ISO 15512 % < 1.000
Hausner ratio DIN EN ISO 787-11   <1.35



Addigy PPU 90AX6 Material Datasheets

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