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Less cost

More output

Less cost

Smarter approach. Lower cost.

3D printing should free you from design constraints, not add restrictions. Reduce your prototype-to-production cycle. All for a lower total cost-per-part.

That’s exactly what elastomer on the F123 Series – F170, F270 and F370 Professional 3D Printers – delivers.

stratasys elastomer cost stronger

Stronger. More flexible. We beat the competition on every key measure.

Accurate. Repeatable. Reliable. Unless elastomer parts meet your quality standards, they’re not worth the material they’re printed with.

Elastomer parts on the F123 Series elongate to 500%. In tests, our nearest competitor failed at 350%.

Half the competition we tested couldn’t print flexible parts at all. The best of the rest managed 1450 psi, compared to the 5445 psi we can achieve with the F123 Series.


ssys elasto smarter materials  1

Smarter materials. The key to an average of 39% lower cost per part.

It seems obvious. The lower the cost of the material, the lower the total cost of a part.

Not quite. Removing support is intricate, labor-intensive work. Consider the total cost, and the F123 Series beats the competition on every part – from the simplest to the most complex.

ssys elasto labour costs

Labor costs. An average of 76% lower.

No other manufacturer offers soluble support. That’s why our nearest competitor is $50 more expensive for labor, even for a simple part. For a complex part, that rises to $65. Choose the most expensive competitor, and the gap stretches to $100.

ssys elasto smarter materials  1

Material + labor. An average of 39% lower.

Plug-and-play usability. Combined with the savings of using soluble support. Just two reasons why it’s only $42 to print a simple part on the F123 Series. The nearest competitor? $77.

Complex parts tell the same story: the F123 Series prints for $79 – the best competitor is $110.