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J5 DentaJet 3D Printer

Load one tray and walk away

J5 DentaJet 3D Printer
J5 DentaJet is a compact and powerful dental 3D printer for dental lab use. Designed to reduce costs, maximize efficiency and create more dental parts with less handling — all with the precision, accuracy, and realism you can expect from Stratasys.

The J5 DentaJet - load one tray and walk away.

Watch to learn how the Stratasys J5 DentaJet is the all-around compact 3d dental model printing powerhorse for dental labs in this exclusive video. You’ll learn how a single mixed-tray print can create more dental parts — with fewer changeovers — with precision, accuracy and realism.

Dental 3d printing

Quality, made compact.

Designed with a larger print tray to create more parts in a compact, lab-friendly environment, the DentaJet is like having three printers in one — print an implant case with a rigid opaque model with a soft gingiva mask and a biocompatible transparent surgical guide, or print an RPD framework in a castable material together with the patient model.

A dental solution to suit every need

3d printed implant models


Simplify the complexity of implantology and maximize production.


  • 3D Printed Implant models
  • 3D Printed Surgical guides
  • 3D Printed Gingiva masks

Print all on one tray.

3D printed orthodontics devices


Cut days off delivery times and produce more orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontics 3D Printing Applications:

  • Models
  • Indirect bonding trays

Simplify the production of acrylic orthodontic devices with Separator Digital Material which coats models making acrylic and wax removal easy.

3D printed removable dental models


Reducing manual labor and increase production.


  • Models
  • RPD frameworks
  • Custom impression trays
  • Try-ins

Print all on one tray.

3D printed dental crowns and bridges

Crown and Bridge

Produce large volumes of models in high resolution materials.


  • Models — quadrant, full upper and lower with removable dies.

Eliminate delays and inaccuracies of manual labor.

Compatible materials

Leverage full-color capability and realism to differentiate your lab. DentaJet offers over 500,000 colors and three biocompatible materials. In addition, the Separator Digital Material makes acrylic orthodontic devices, such as Hawley Retainers, separate easily from the printed model and results in better surface quality and decreased manual labor.

Polyjet Dental Surgical Guide J5 DentaJet

Biocompatible (MED610)

With biocompatible MED610 material, create rigid, translucent parts for medical device prototyping.

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VeroGlaze (MED620)

VeroGlaze (MED620), opaque with A2 shading for the best color match in the industry. Ideal for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups and medically approved for up to 24 hours of in-mouth placement.

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Biocompatible MED625FLX

Flexible, transparent material for printing indirect bonding trays and soft gingival masks.

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3d printed teeth in full color


The VeroVivid family adds striking color to all parts and prototypes.

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full color 3d printed teeth

Harness the power of color.


Leverage full-color capability to improve workflow and tracking and communicate more information. Reduce C&B remakes with the only dental printer able to create highly realistic replicas of the patient’s mouth — which enable better clinical outcomes and communication between the lab, clinic and patient.



How 3D printing is changing the Dental Industry.

Find out how 3D Printing is helping to revolutionize digital dentistry, education and training programs, and dental device development.

Compare the J5 DentaJet

If you’re looking for a smaller footprint, high-efficiency, all-in-one dental parts printer, the J5 DentaJet is it. If you’re looking for a more tailored solution for your dental applications we have other options that may be a better fit. Here are the specs below to help you decide.

  • Description
  • Tray area
  • Materials
  • Max materials
  • Cartridge capacity
  • Brochure
  • Description All cases on 1-tray, high-efficiency printer with a smaller footprint for all dental labs.
  • Tray area 1,174 cm2
  • Materials Biocompatible-Med620
    VeroDent PureWhite
    Vibrant colors (CYMW)
  • Max materials 5
  • Cartridge capacity 1.1kg
  • Brochure Download brochure
  • Description All cases on a high production 1-tray printer for large orthodontic laboratories.
  • Tray area 1,911cm2
  • Materials Biocompatible-Med620
    VeroDent - Med670
    VeroDent Plus- MED690
    Vibrant colors (CYMW)Plus, additional colors, transparent and flexible materials.
  • Max materials 6
  • Cartridge capacity 3.6 kg
  • Brochure Download brochure