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TPU 92A, thermoplastic polyurethane is the all new elastomer from Stratasys, available on the F123 Series 3D printer. Durable yet flexible, this FDM material, allows you to 3D print superior rubber-like parts, across a huge range of applications. Produce complex parts that elongate and compress. Accurately. And at speed.

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Design for purpose without constraints. Our F123 3D Printer Series now comes with the best flexible filament on the market. With TPU 92A you can create large parts and overhangs. Or incorporate cavities and complex geometries. Precisely. Repeatably. As close as it gets to the finished part.

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We test so you don't have to.

Over 30,000 hours of testing have helped us create 3D printing materials that outperform your expectations. Our flexible filament went through the same rigorous testing – giving you the elongation, superior toughness and extreme durability you’d expect from a 92 Shore A elastomeric material. A better material, for better results.

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Soluble support. Dissolves cost.

Achieve complex geometries and cavities with our exclusive soluble support material: a support structure that's 3D printed around the part, so there’s no compromise on design. Plus, no hands-on removal to reduce costs and simplify the prototype-to-product journey.

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Less cost. More output.

Workflow is transformed with elastomer and the F123 Series, the best 3D printer for maximum savings, with up to 40% on average saved on print costs. Load designs using our GrabCAD software then let the machine run. You’ll return to a perfect part every time. With minimal print prep, efficient printing and easy post-processing with our soluble support material, you're free to do more of what you do best.

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Resilient, Flexible, Thermoplastic

FDM TPU 92A is a resilient thermoplastic polyurethane combining flexibility and stretch with abrasion and tear resistance. 3D printing with FDM TPU 92A provides a superior alternative to less optimal TPU 3D printing technologies and eliminates expensive and time-consuming molding or casting methods to produce elastomer parts.

Behavior and Use

Tensile Strength

16.8 MPa (XY Axis)

17.4 MPa (XZ Axis)

Elongation At Break

552% (XY Axis)

482% (XZ Axis)

Tear Strength

84.6 N/mm (XY Axis)

Shore Hardness

92 Scale A

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