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variability of am process
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Reliability and accuracy in 3D printing.

Mechanical and dimensional variability.

Additive manufacturing has been used to a large extent since its creation for rapid prototyping. The potential and utilization of additive manufacturing has grown, but there are so many applications out there that are being hindered by a lack of research into the variability of additive manufacturing. There are many applications that choose not to use additive manufacturing because they aren't sure that additive manufacturing can produce accurate and repeatable results. When it comes to end-use parts, accuracy and repeatability are imperative.

Over the next twenty-five pages, we will be discussing the variability of the additive manufacturing process. We will cover what additive manufacturing is, variability & accuracy, the additive manufacturing process, mechanical properties of variability, dimensional measurements of variability, and the testing methods used for this project. Additive manufacturing has an entire world of potential applications that are untapped because of a fear of variability. Download the whitepaper to learn why those fears are misguided.

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