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transforming auto industry

The auto industry, since its inception in the days of Henry Ford, has been in a constant state of innovation and revolution, building upon past technology to create cars that are better, cheaper, faster, safer and all-around more reliable. The automotive industry has gone through an even more encompassing revolution since its adoption of 3D printing to improve all aspects of design and production of automotive vehicles. This whitepaper will discuss the five major ways 3D printing is transforming the automotive industry.

Over the next nine pages, we'll discuss the impacts of 3D printing on; flexible and optimized design, rapid tooling with additive manufacturing shortening the steps and time necessary, fast customization via 3D printing, validation and advanced measurement on demand, and discovering what works in real world functional testing. 

The automotive industry has thrived on being in a constant state of change and improvement, and it will continue to do so. Stratasys strives to play a major part in the continued growth of such an important industry. Download the whitepaper to learn more.