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Being an educator can be extremely difficult. There's technology and products out there that can completely change your curriculum and encourage your students to get excited about learning, but they're not free. The upfront cost of 3D printers can scare a large portion of the audience away from the benefits they provide, and when you're trying to get a grant from your school to purchase that technology, the price tag will probably be the first thing on their mind. We're here to help.

Over the next seven pages, we'll discuss the tactics you can use to build a case to get funding for a 3D printer. We will discuss honing your mission, telling a good story, teaming up with higher education, getting the ball rolling, and getting students involved. All of these can be pivotal in getting funding for the technology that will benefit your students. We will outline every step for you. We all know the semantic difficulties that can go along with funding pitches, we're here to help. Download the whitepaper to learn more.