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When prototyping, it's extremely important to use material that most closely aligns with the material that will be used to make the final product to get the most realistic prototype possible. The majority of today's consumer products are made with thermoplastics, and that's why so many businesses use thermoplastics in their prototyping stages. This is made possible by materials like ABS or polycarbonate, which are available to use with Stratasys printers.

In the next twelve pages, we'll discuss a variety of materials, including:
-PC (polycarbonate)
-ULTEM 9085 resin
-ULTEM 1010 resin
-FDM Nylon 12
-FDM Nylon 12CF
-FDM Nylon 6
-FDM TPU 92A Elastomer
-Antero 800NA

We'll discuss everything you need to know about thermoplastics, and help you decide what would be best fit for use in your business. Download the whitepaper to learn more.