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Stratasys J700 Dental

The clear aligner industry is on the verge of an explosion. The reason is the Stratasys J700 Dental 3D printer. The J700 Dental 3D printer is unsurprisingly exceeding the standards of the clear aligner industry, as it's the only 3D printing solution specifically optimized for clear aligner production.

Previously, the clear aligner industry relied heavily on Stereolithography, a costly and lengthy process that required upfront costs and post-processing. The J700 Dental 3D printer is the only 3D printing solution optimized for clear aligner production out of the box. And with the small amount of cases every year going to clear aligners rather than traditional braces, roughly only nine percent of the six million yearly, there is an extreme opening for growth in an industry looking for change.

In the next thirteen pages, you'll learn all about the current state of the clear aligner and braces market, the clear aligner process, the limits of existing 3D printers, and the solutions the J700 Dental 3D printer offers. Download the whitepaper to learn more.