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Preoperative Surgical Planning

3D printing has proven to be extremely valuable to the medical industry, from medical devices to surgical planning models. It has changed the way doctors approach treating patients, and it has given back precious time that doctors were constantly fighting for when trying to treat patients on a time limit. 3D printing has been vital in the medical industry. It has made treatments safer and faster than previously possible, which has saved lives. A major obstacle in why so many hospitals don't have 3D printers is administrative. How do you smoothly implement a 3D printer that will be used across so many areas of medicine? This whitepaper will tell you.

Over the next fourteen pages, we will be discussing implementing preoperative surgical planning using 3D printing. We will discuss the background of this technology, creating a preoperative surgical planning program using 3D printed models, hurdles faced along the way and ways of overcoming them, and future directions for preoperative surgical planning. Download the whitepaper to learn more.