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Orthodontics and 3D printing: what you need to know

September 21, 2020

Achieve optimal performance through digitization.

There's been a revolution in orthodontic laboratories around the world; 3D printing. Orthodontists are finding that by implementing 3D printing into their business practices, they are able to increase their profitability by decreasing costs, as well as decrease labor-intensive and time-costly procedures. Orthodontic procedures can become extremely costly with the knowledge necessary, the time consumption, and the labor-intensive practices involved. 3D printing has provided a solution to a practice so costly it deters a large number of patients, meaning more clients and more profit.

Over the next five pages, we'll discuss the impact 3D printing has had on orthodontics, as well as the opportunity the future holds for businesses to utilize this incredible technology in their businesses. We'll discuss how this technology has impacted MidLyne Orthodontic Laboratory in Lenexa, Kansas, as well as the digital process of applying 3D printing in orthodontics and how you can apply it in your orthodontic laboratory. Download the whitepaper to learn more.


Download the whitepaper