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Fortus 900mc

There are so many variables that make a 3D printer successful, accuracy is an imperative one. If a business needs concept models or prototypes to be ready for functional testing or implementation, accuracy is extremely important. We tested the accuracy of our own printer, the Fortus 900mc, download the whitepaper to find out how it tested.

Over the next seven pages, we'll discuss what real-world testing entails, as well as why these figures are important for real-world application, and what the results of this testing was. The goal for the design of the Fortus 900mc was to improve on the accuracy of the Fortus systems, making sure our customers were getting the accuracy they were purchasing our products for. 

If you want to learn more about this product, there are plenty of videos and articles written about our Fortus systems on our website. If you're interested to learn about how the Fortus 900mc tested for accuracy in a detailed document that maps out all the testing results and what they mean, download this whitepaper.