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There's been a constant evolution of technology in the dental industry in recent years. Exocad technology is a part of this. A major difference-maker in this treatment is the development of CAD/CAM technology that is compatible with GmbH's exocad technology. The constant evolution of the dental industry means that dentists that keep up will have a wider offering for their patients, meaning more business for the future. Stratasys has made it even easier. With the Objet Eden260V 3D printer, Stratasys has enabled dentists to implement exocad Model Creator technology into their practices seamlessly.

Over the next seven pages, we will be discussing the seamless integration of the exocad Model Creator with the Stratasys Eden260V 3D printing system. We will be covering these technologies and how they work, the cases presented by these technologies, and how they will impact the future of the dental industry. Download the whitepaper to learn all about the advancements being made in the dental industry.