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Biomet/3i Encode abutments.
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Everything you need to know about dental implant workflows in CAD/CAM.

Digital technology & dental implants.

There's been a major uptick in dental implant treatments in recent years. This treatment has become safer due to 3D printing making the implants more precise without affecting the surrounding unaffected teeth. A major difference-maker in this treatment is the development of CAD/CAM technology. With more precise technology and safer practices, dental implants have become a sought-after treatment for dentists and patients alike, provided the benefits that go along with them.

Over the next seven pages, we will be discussing the dental implant workflow in CAD/CAM. We will be covering what dental implants are, the implant workflow, implant scan-body, and how we believe this technology will evolve and revolutionize the dental implant industry in the future. If you had the opportunity to make an oral surgery safer, more precise, and not affect the teeth surrounding the affected area, would you? Of course you would. Download the whitepaper to learn all about the advancements being made in the dental implant industry.

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