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3d printing surgical planning

At Stratasys, we knew that 3D printing is and will exponentially grow to play a key role in the surgical planning process, but we wanted the facts. We consulted with Quorum Consulting, experts in health economics and outcomes research, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the clinical and economic evidence on 3D printing for surgical planning.

Over the next fourteen pages, we will delve into all the research Quorum Consulting conducted, and all the information that research provided. We will discuss the background of 3D printing for surgical planning, indication-specific utilization and evidence-based effectiveness data and results, pharmaeconomics of 3D printing for surgical planning, and what all this information means for the future of 3D printing in surgical planning procedures. 

We're not positive exactly what role 3D printing will play in the future of surgical planning, but we do know it will continue to grow as a factor in smarter, safer surgeries for years to come. Download the whitepaper to learn more.