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3d printing stem projects
White Paper

Seven 3D printing STEM projects to do with your class.

Help students gain experience in design and problem-solving.

Teachers, if there was a way to get your students experience in design and problem-solving, all while developing skills in math, science, technology, and engineering, would you? Of course you would, whatever you can do to give the students the most fulfilling and beneficial learning is what you should do to prepare them for the real-world. This whitepaper was made to do just that. 

In the next nine pages, we'll discuss seven activities and projects that you can have your students work through to develop the important skills they need in innovative and fresh ways. We'll discuss things like studying historical technology, creating a source of hydro power, and even designing a new game controller. These are designed to engage the students' creativity, while teaching them valuable skills, developing their minds to think like engineers.

If you're looking for new activities, new projects to work through with your students to develop skills, and you also want them to engage their imagination and creativity, then download this whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper