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PepsiCo's Structural Packaging Design and R&D teams have reinvented their workflow using the latest advances in 3D printing technology. Historically, designers and engineers spend a significant amount of time translating sketches into prototypes to land the best design for consumers, while ensuring the new designs also conform rigorous technical constraints. Learn how PepsiCo leverages a new workflow from early concept, to a realistic CMF model in-house, to a blow molded prototype that can be tested on the production line in a short period of time. 

Christopher Gregory
Sr. Industrial designer manager

Sr. Industrial designer manager who seeks to solve problems strategically with a 360 degree approach. leverage a wide range of design thinking tools and innovation methodologies to help break down problems and reframe them as opportunities. The joy of design for me is in helping to create new objects, systems, and experiences that solve problems in our everyday lives.

Max Rodriguez
Sr. Manager - Global Packaging R&D, AE&D Team

Sr. Manager - Global Packaging R&D, AE&D Team, Leader in driving end-to-end process transformation in Packaging Design, Innovation, & Development. Proven skills in building breakthrough advanced engineering and design capabilities, through the development and execution of virtual design tools (M&S), data analytics (ML/AI), digital models, equipment design/development, and advanced rapid prototyping capabilities. Demonstrated leadership in: Virtual Analysis, New Product Development, Technology Development, Technology Transfer, New Product Commercialization, Quality Management, and Manufacturing Start-Ups (In-house and 3rd Party).