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Eliminating Variables in All on X and Removables with Digital Workflows

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

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Eliminating Variables in All on X and Removables with Digital Workflows

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how to elevate quality and consistency for both fixed and removable workflows while decreasing operating expenses
  • Understand the processes for both fixed and removable cases in a fully digital laboratory 
  • Learn about different 3D printing technology and how it affects patient outcomes

Host: Adrienne Slevin

Join Frankie Acosta as he shares AA Dental Designs’  “All on X” and “Removables” workflows, which have enabled his laboratory to increase quality and become more consistent. He will explain how he transformed his laboratory into a strictly digital operation and eliminated disruption-causing variables. Frankie will also provide insight on how multi-material and full color printing have enabled full-service laboratories like his to produce all parts needed for cases in one run without constantly tending to 3D printers and the resulting benefits to the business.

Frankie Acosta

Frankie Acosta, owner of AA Dental Design Inc., has been a dental technician for nearly forty years. As an owner and operator of three full service dental laboratories, Acosta built AA Dental Design into a digital and conventionally impressed restoration powerhouse. Acosta established the CEREC On Demand Education Center in Murrieta, CA where he is a trainer, in addition to founding and moderating, an educational site for dental professionals. He is a software beta tester and certified advanced trainer for Dentsply Sirona and Patterson Dental.

Jeff Youngerman
Jeff Youngerman
West coast Dental sales Executive at Stratasys

Jeff Youngerman, CDT, is the West coast Dental sales Executive at Stratasys. With over 25 years of experience in the dental industry, he has in-depth knowledge of subtractive and additive manufacturing. Jeff leverages this expertise to help dental labs seamlessly integrate these technologies into their daily operations. He is a nationally recognized speaker who lectures on how digital workflows can boost productivity and revenue for dental labs.