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Deploying and sustaining additive manufacturing in your organization: a guide for transformation.

Date: Wednesday, April 08, 2020
Time: 02:00 AM CDT

Speakers: Kunal Mehta, Oliver Smith, David Busacker


For many applications and industries, the benefits of additive manufacturing are well-defined. Design freedom, flexible manufacturing, hyper-personalization to name a few. The temptation is with such well-defined benefits, all it takes to make additive manufacturing work within a business is to buy a machine and materials.


In fact, for additive to be transformational, the entire business must buy into additive manufacturing; from the boardroom to the factory floor. In this presentation from Blueprint, we’ll demonstrate this enterprise-wide approach:

  • We’ll help you articulate the why by introducing a new mindset for understanding the business benefits of additive manufacturing.
  • We’ll explore what technologies are available, when to use those technologies, and how to quickly calculate ROI.
  • Finally, we’ll frame how to think about deploying and sustaining additive manufacturing within your organization.


Spend 60 minutes with Blueprint and you’ll come away armed with the tools you need to adopt additive manufacturing within your organization.

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