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USA & Canada

Master Functional Prototyping with Stereolithography


Discover advanced prototyping in action with our technical video, demonstrating the capabilities of the Neo Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer and a variety of high-performance Somos® materials through our specialized golf sample kit.

Our sample kit demonstrates superior part quality achievable with the Neo printer, highlighting key material attributes such as enhanced durability, flexibility, and memory retention essential for rigorous testing and validation.  

Explore the precision engineering of materials like the Somos® Taurus™ rangefinder, valued for its robust properties, and lenses printed in Somos® WaterShed® XC, known for their optical clarity.

Click the link and download the video to see how Stratasys SLA solutions can significantly enhance your functional prototyping processes, propelling your engineering projects to new levels of innovation and performance.