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Integrate Composite 3D Printing into Your Additive Manufacturing Operations

3D printed tools offer benefits that traditional tooling simply cannot. Composite 3D printers and materials offer an effective means to overcome the schedule and cost challenges of conventionally manufactured tooling, which could mean the difference in making your schedule, meeting your budget, and avoiding lost time injuries.

Composite materials reinforced with carbon fiber allow for additional stiffness while keeping it much lighter than metal. Common carbon fiber 3D printing applications include:

  • Strong workholding fixtures
  • Durable component parts
  • Functional prototypes

Stratasys F123 Series composite-ready printers utilize 3D printing carbon fiber and engineering-grade thermoplastics, enabling the creation of robust work holding fixtures, tooling, and parts.

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Composite 3D printing with Carbon Fiber

Composite 3D Printing Solutions Guide