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Dura56 bull rider scooter
Case Study

The Bull Rider, by Stratasys Origin One.

October 29, 2021

Learn how Origin and Henkel Loctite made the Bull Rider kick scooter using the low cost, tough Dura56 material that leaves a high-quality surface finish.

The Origin One printer, powered by Programmable PhotoPolymerization (P3™) technology, enables quick iterations of functional prototypes and production of end-use parts. Behind the printer is an extensive and expanding range of high-performance photopolymers suitable for biocompatible medical devices to aerospace-grade components and everything in between.

Developed for Origin One users, Dura56 was created in partnership with Henkel Loctite® to address the need for a low cost, tough material with a high-quality surface finish. We wanted to demonstrate just what’s possible with this low cost-per-part, durable, high-quality finish material in a way that would capture your imagination and reignite your creativity.

We proudly present to you: the Bull Rider kick scooter. Over 90% of this piece was printed right in our R&D office over a single weekend, using three printers, and passed functional testing as expected.

Download this infographic to learn about each of the seven pieces, their design properties, how long they took to print, the cost of each part, and more.

Origin One Dura56 Scooter Infographic

Download the infographic