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Case Study

Architectural models using WSS™150 water soluble support material

March 01, 2022
WSS Architectural

Customer Profile

Architectural designs featuring thin steeples and small scaled supporting beams and 3D modulations enable close-to-reality simulations of planned architecture.


Architectural models feature both thin, delicate parts as well as confined support that is challenging to remove. Experience and expertise are needed to properly clear the support material from such models manually using standard methods.


Using WSS™150 water soluble support material enabled easy, hands-free removal of support material in a single step,without the risk of damage. Architectural models were placed in a vessel filled with regular tap water until the support dissolved. L2S™ was then used, in line with local regulations, to solidify the remaining wastewater for safe disposal without the need to send for onward treatment.


Less design constraints related to final support removal and part finishing bring a higher yield and reduced risk of part damage since there is no manual labor required to clean the models. In addition, non-hazardous, solid waste disposal, in line with local regulations, provides increased efficiency and sustainability.

WSS™150 water soluble support material

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