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One-Stop OEM Services With 3D Printing
Case Study

Jetta delivers one-stop OEM services with 3D printing.

January 26, 2022

3D printing delivers exactly what customers want on time.

A new way to create. 

Managing product life cycles is a challenge for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that offer one-stop services, from product development to logistics. As the scope of their services widens, OEMs encounter bottlenecks during the process, which call for solutions using new technologies. Such is the case for Jetta, a leading Southern China-based OEM, which works with global household names in the toy industry. Specializing in product design, development, engineering and manufacturing, the company helps its customers develop a product from concept through shipment. Traditionally, Jetta used computer numerical control (CNC) machining to produce its toy components. While it could achieve high precision and quality using this technique, production is costly, since the machine can only produce one component at a time.

With 3D printing, we can deliver exactly what our customers want on time.

Compounding the challenge are high customer expectations. Before proceeding to mass production, customers often want to ensure that models not only look accurate, but are also fully functional. Bringing the prototype’s texture, colors and functions to life is therefore crucial for moving ahead with the rest of the product development cycle. Because multiple revisions might be necessary during this process, Jetta often needed to produce various components in small quantities in a short time. The company decided to enhance its efficiency and flexibility using new technologies. After evaluating its options, Jetta deployed the Stratasys J750 3D printer for product development.


With its full-color, multi-material capabilities, the solution enabled Jetta to create realistic plastic mold prototypes that look, feel and operate as the customers expect. The solution also comes with intuitive software that enables quick adjustments to settings, making it easy for Jetta to manage the printing process and adapt to customer requirements. Within a short time, Jetta increased its efficiency without compromising on quality. With 3D printing, it can now deliver high-quality prototypes in a short time. This has instilled confidence in customers to proceed with mass production, shortening the time normally required to communicate back and forth on the revisions. “With 3D printing, we can deliver exactly what our customers want on time,” said Kenneth Wong, chief executive officer of Jetta Company Ltd. In addition, Jetta has vastly cut down on the cost per component for prototype development.

One-Stop OEM Services With 3D Printing

There’s no need to outsource the work to third parties when you use the right technologies to create value.

Jetta uses the Stratasys J750 to make prototypes with final-product realism.
However, the evolution of Jetta is beyond improving prototype development with 3D printing. In the long run, it sees the technology as an extended arm for its business. “We plan to do everything in-house in the future.

"There’s no need to outsource the work to third parties when you use the right technologies to create value,” said Wong. “Using 3D printing for prototype development is a good start for us. In the long run, we’ll explore ways to combine this technology with our existing capabilities to further grow our onestop service.” 

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