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aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson March 26, 2020
March 26, 2020

Stratasys has just released 3 ground-breaking material enhancements to its flagship J750 full-color, multi-material rapid prototyping solution.

In this short hands-on video below, we take a dive into the incredible prototyping versatility that these materials now open up to professional designers and engineers.

Tough Functional Engineering Parts

First up is an example of tough engineering parts in the new Digital ABS Plus material. The ball valve design in the film is a rework of the traditional 3 piece ball valve that can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance. Traditionally this type of valve would have been secured with 4 nuts and bolts. This design, created by our very own Stratasys Application Engineer, Naftali Eder, utilizes a quick release, tool-free mechanism, which is secure yet easy to operate.

Consumer Goods Featuring Rubber and Full Color Texture

Next up are some consumer goods/electronics packaging prototypes featuring Agilus30 rubber-like material for enhanced tear resistance and rubber-like texture. And then some amazing earphone case covers in smooth, glossy color textures including marble, wood-grain, carbon-fiber and more.

Eyewear Prototypes Get More Real and More Functional

Also a first, Stratasys takes the J750 into the world of eyewear, with the new dedicated VeroFlex solution, offering advanced design verification and functional performance capabilities tuned to the needs of eyewear design and manufacturing companies. We delved into detail on this in a previous post, here.