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[video series] 3D printing the future today.

aaron pearson
Aaron Pearson March 25, 2020
March 25, 2020
Stratasys is proud to present a conversation series hosted by our Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Bohling, titled, “3D Printing the Future Today”.  Additive manufacturing experts and insiders within our network of customers, partners and subject matter experts will discuss the trials facing many companies as they work through transitioning and upgrading everything from their supply chain to their factory floors.

As a leading industry in the global economy, Aerospace has a long history of being an early adopter and ultimate trendsetter in manufacturing, including 3D printing technologies. In striking contrast to mass-production industries, Aerospace and aviation are largely focused on complex and low-volume production, even as the global network of parts suppliers grows. Besides endless opportunities, globalization also brings unprecedented challenges such as environmental performance restrictions, high manufacturing costs and competitive market conditions.  Even with all of these challenges, the outlook in the Aerospace sector remains innovative and optimistic. In our recent conversation with Scott Sevcik, who recently unveiled a program for parts certification at the Paris Air Show, he shares why this is an exciting time to be in the Aerospace industry and what he’s looking forward to in the near future.

Tim Bohling: At the Paris Airshow, Stratasys announced the Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution. Can you share with us the significance of this new offering?

Scott Sevcik: Absolutely, this is something we are very excited about because we have worked for years within the industry to understand barriers to adoption. One of the most significant is the ability to certify a part. Our customers have said a number of times; it doesn’t matter if I can build a part in a few hours if it will take me a year to certify it. And that’s where we’re coming from in the aviation industry. What we’ve been able to do with this solution is focus on technically, on what drives variability. What enables the production of consistent and repeatable parts. We’ve addressed those issues and partnered with the FAA, the National Institute for Aviation Research and the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance to define a qualification program for the entire process, not just for an individual part.

With a Fortus900mc, ULTEM™ 9085 resin, and with the support of these processes that have been developed with the oversight of the airworthiness authorities, we now offer a solution that will allow customers to bring a manufacturing approach onto their production floor that they can have confidence in the repeatability of the parts, and leverage that confidence to readily certify those parts with airworthiness authorities around the world.

Check out the video below, for more information from Scott on the Aircraft Interiors Certification Solution.


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Featured Image: Waiting for the Bay by Nick Coombe l CC BY 2.0

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